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Problem Running Mousebreaker Online Games


I enjoy playing games on the internet, however, I am having problems running the games on the site mousebreaker I am running Windows XP Home Edition SP1 and have three user accounts all with exactly the same setup (administrator rights).
The problem is that two of my accounts can play the games with no problems, however, with one of my accounts the games will not play. The site requires the Macromedia Flash player plug-in and all cookies enabled on my browser. I use AOL. The problem is I comply with these requirements but I cannot play the games with the one account. I have played the games before with the problem account, it's only in the last week that I have not been able to play the games. As far as I know, nothing has changed. I have tried a system restore to no effect and have emailed mousebreaker with no response as yet, just wondered if there is anything else I could do?

Please help.

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