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First thing first: Quickmatch is a practice mode. It's a valueable transition from vs ai training grounds to competitive league modes but still: It's a trainingground. We should handle it as what it is. It isn't hypercompetitive, it isn't meant to provide superperfection in any regard.If you play quickmatch with the training aspect in mind there's a lot to be learned from that mode, some might say, how not to do it, but that of course offers options to the user aswell. You can one trick chars to get your play league ready with that specific heroe. You'll be able to pick of meta builds and see how they perform compared to standard ones. That's something you'd never want to do in hl (some may get away with one tricking but even they end up in 5th pick slot from times to times).Quickmatch will teach you alot about the possibilities and limitations of a char or a specific build under various circumstances, some may be in your favour, others are not. But don't complain about unfavourable circumstances, identify them and learn the lesson, for yourself, not for others. They will be your opponents at some point or another. If they haven't learned, you will prevail. It's that simple.

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