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Bug report: Syntax Highlight Error for Perl

Syntax highlighting does not work correctly for the following construct:


In this case, "#" is interpreted as the start of the comment. However, the correct way would be to highlight $#ARGV as a variable. Note that a '#' does not start a comment, if it follows immediately a '$'.

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Joacim Andersson
Unfortunatly you can't set up that as a rule in Source Edit. As a work-around you could specify that $# is an Entity or a Tag Element and change the color for Entity (or Tag Element) to be black.

To edit a built in highlighter such as Perl, open the Language Editor (you find that on the Tools menu). Select the New button on the toolbar, give the new highlighter a name, you can name it Perl and it will replace the built in highlighter. Also select that you want to base this new highlighter on an exiting one, where you of course select to base it on Perl.

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