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A question for Joacim Andersson

Hello Joacim,

I am sorry for contacting you on this forum but I ran across a very old post of yours on this link:

Since it was such an old link I did not know if I would get a response back. I also saw no point involving the one that you were answering.

In a nut shell you supplied an answer on how to know how many lines of text were in a textbox. I tried to apply your answer but was not successful. I am using 2 userforms at once so that might have been part of the problem. The following is from a tread I posted on without any takers. Maybe you could help?

I am using Excel from Office 2003
I need to know when the text in a textbox won't fit. Here are some details.

1. I have a textbox with dimensions that are governed by a remote monitor with different resolutions.
2. This textbox displays text found in different cells and the text could be quite large.
3. A vertical scrollbar is not an option, because the userform will be on a remote monitor and not seen by the one operating the workbook.
FYI: It is being used for a script to record in a different room.
4. I do have controls in place to display the remote userform on the main screen and to reduce the font. I mainly need a flag to know if the text doesn't fit.


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Joacim Andersson
I'm sorry but this forum is for Brixoft products only. I suggest that you start a new thread in the VB-Forums instead.
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I understand, and again I apologize for the interruption.
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