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Size limitation?

I'm trying to open a 125 MB (text) file (which opens without problems in Notepad and a few other text editors I've tried). When I try to open the file in SourceEdit it says that the file doesn't seem to be a text file and might be damaged, aso. When I say I want to open it anyway, it just gives me a blank document.

If I let the blank document stay open, then open the same file in Notepad and copy all content, then paste into SourceEdit, then save the file, the size becomes zero.

Anyway: is there an upper size limit for files in SourceEdit? If so; Can it be changed easily?
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Joacim Andersson
No, Source Edit is only limited to available memory and even though 125 MB is huge for a text file it shouldn't have any problem opening it.

I can't really say why you have this problem. If the file doesn't contain any sensitive information perhaps you could zip it up and e-mail it to me so I can debug the reason?
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Since I don't have your e-mail address, I've uploaded the file here:
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