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Bug or feature?

Ver 4.0.rev3 has a lot of extra space after "Show Whitespace" icon on Standard Toolbar. There is an empty space for at least 5-6 more icons. Is it a reserve for future development?
Also, all other toolbars except the Standard Toolbar are getting either over-covered by abother toolbars if you slide them left, or get pushed right outside the screen.
So, if you have a wide screen and try to arrange all toolbars into one line - good luck! One mouse move and some of your toolbars will disappear from the screen and there is no chance to bring it back!

Also, Language Toolbar does not have the right edge! I.e. you cannot place anything after it! It you slide it left, it just getting longer! And it you move it down, it takes a whole line!

Second question about file explorer - is it any way to display file attributes, so you can see it all and list could be sorted not only by name, but also by time, type, size ?
It looks very weird when you do right click-> sort by size, but still can see only file names!

Another question - how to close a tab? Is File->Close only the way to do it? No double clicks, no small "X" icons, like all other editors have?

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Joacim Andersson
You can rearrange the toolbars the way you want them. The Language drop-down does take up the full width of a toolbar band but you can still put other toolbars after it. A minimized toolbar is still visible at the edge so you can resize it again. See the image:

The File Explorer does show the filename, size, and date. Maybe the headers are to wide on your computer in which case you must scroll the window. The headers are resizable though.

Yes, the files can be closed on the File menu or by using the shortcut key Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4. There is also a small X button to the right of the tabs which you can use to close the active tab.

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